Mordue Brewery ‘Workie Ticket’

9 Jul

Brewery: Mordue Brewery


Beer: Workie Ticket

ABV: 4.5%

Bottle size: 500ml

The reason I started with this particular brewery, based within shouting distance of the Tyne, is very simple. I love this beer!

I have been a fond drinker of Mordue brewed beer for several years, and this 4.5% strong flavoured beer comes in with all guns blazing. Almost mahogany in colour, the initial aroma upon opening the bottle is like caramel, albeit with that alcoholic edge.

The first taste tells you this beer has a provenance that comes from the original Mordue Brewery over 100 years ago. Unlike many ‘modern’, if thats the word to use, real ales, this has no harsh aftertaste and continues with its full flavour, similar to a decent wholemeal bread, warmed from the oven.

Its stronger than some ales in its class, this is not to its detriment as I feel any lesser ABV would reduce the powerful, yet highly palatable hop flavour.

As the flagship beer in the Mordue armoury, which I believe, happy to be corrected, boasts an arsenal in the twenties (celebration ales and special editions included) this holds its own amongst the crowd and to be totally honest, is a thoroughbred in the class. As a gateway to the whole scene, you can do no better that start here with Workie Ticket.


One Response to “Mordue Brewery ‘Workie Ticket’”

  1. Robert Millichamp July 9, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    A cracking first post. It’s always good to see that old timer still getting attention after all these years. Cheers.

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